Take Up Pulley

Take up pulley is a spare part of belt bulk conveyor system. It can be moved and adjusted to keep belt tight to ensure that the belt continuously contacts the drive pulley. Take up pulley may be a drive pulley or an idler pulley. this process prevents damage to the belt and other equipment within the conveyor system and prevents premature wear of conveyor components.

When the take-up component is used to adjust the tension of the belt, more than one unit may be used. Each unit will be mounted on either end of a special take-up pulley around which the belt will run. When the bolt in the conveyor take-up is turned in one direction, more tension can be added to one side of the pulley; when it is turned in the other direction, less tension will be added to that side of the pulley. It is possible to adjust either side of the pulley to correct tension across the belt. A loose belt can also lead to excessive wear and may get caught in other components of the conveyor system.

A tension or take-up unit is an important but often overlooked component for any belt conveyor. The important spare parts is bearing, it usually use spherical roller bearing for take up pulley.


Spherical roller bearing are available with heavy duty rollers and cages that are suitable for extreme demand harsh applications such as vibratory screens.

Main Models:

Spherical roller bearing

Series 222.., 223.., 230.., 231.., 232.., 239.. 240.., 241..,  CA/CC/W33

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