Bend Pulley

Bend pulley is used for changing the direction of the belt running or increasing the wrap angle between the conveyor belt and the driving pulley. As per different carrying capacities, the bend pulley can be divided into three categories: light duty, medium duty and heavy duty. The shift of the diameter can be 50~100 mm,120~180 mm and 200~260 mm. And the structure is the same with the driving pulley. The surface treatment of the bend pulley can be smooth steel and flat rubber lagging.

The bend pulley is usually installed at the tail part or the vertical take-up equipment part when the belt direction need to 180°bending. It will be installed above the take-up equipment part while 90°bending .The pulley, which is used for extending the contact surface, is usually used for below or equal to 45 degree bending.The drive unit has been taken from the head pulley, and placed after the first bend pulley on the conveyor return.

The longer belts will have a greater expansion and retraction rate due to climatic temperature changes. As temperature climbs the belt will get longer. When it drops the belt will shrink. To compensate the conveyor belt will have a pulley that is allowed to move with the belt as its length is constantly changing. To keep proper tension on the conveyor belt the pulley, which is called the take up pulley, is weighted. The bend pulleys are called that because the belt bends over them to form a loop for the take up pulley to sit in.


Spherical roller bearing are available with heavy duty rollers and cages that are suitable for extreme demand harsh applications such as vibratory screens.

Main Models:

Spherical roller bearing

Series 222.., 223.., 230.., 231.., 232.., 239.. 240.., 241..,  CA/CC/W33

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Light Duty Type Belt Conveyor Parts Bend Pulley
Light Duty Type Belt Conveyor Parts Bend Pulley

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