Driving Pulley

A driving pulley, in particular, is a powered wheel and axle that moves a conveyor belt. Also called belt conveyors, a conveyor belt is a loop of material that runs between two or more pulleys: drive pulleys and idlers. The purpose of conveyor belts is to move objects along the belt to another location. In the conveyor belt system, a drive pulley has power applied to it and an idler is a pulley that has no power. The drive pulleys will cause the belt to move toward them, while the idler pulley simply turns over and allows the belt to move. The power can be derived from a motor or can be provided by hand. The larger the materials or goods that are moved by the conveyor built the pulley is powering, the stronger the motor or other power source will need to be that drives the drive pulley.

A pulley is one of the six simple machines, along with an inclined plane, lever, wheel and axle, wedge and screw. The belts operated by drive pulleys typically have two or more layers and are usually made of rubber. The inside layer is the strong layer, called the carcass, that is next to the pulley, and the outer layer is called the cover. For strength, the carcass is usually made of cotton or plastic mesh and the cover is rubber or plastic.

Spherical roller bearing are available with heavy duty rollers and cages that are suitable for extreme demand harsh applications such as vibratory screens.


Main Models:

Spherical roller bearing

Series 222.., 223.., 230.., 231.., 232.., 239.. 240.., 241..,  CA/CC/W33


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Belt Conveyor Heavy-duty Driving Pulley
Belt Conveyor Heavy-duty Driving Pulley

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